Games for up to 10 people

The following games can be played with 10 people.

Out With The Old

A game for 10 - 40 players - £18.00

It's New Year's Eve and the Bromley's legendery New Year's party is in full swing. The theme is Viva Las Vegas and the highlight of the night is a high-stakes poker game. However, there is more at stake tonight than a few thousand bucks and when one of the guests is found drowned in the swimming pool, the games really begin....Find Out More



Who Shot Santa?

A game for 10 - 50 players - £18.00

Hare & Clarkson Advertising Agency Christmas party was a lively, 1980s themed event.It was a tradition in the company; Santa would pass out the Christmas bonuses to all of the employees. But moments before the big bonus handout, they were shocked to find Santa lying in a pool of his own blood shot from behind. His hands were empty and the bonus cheques where no where to be found. Who shot Santa - and why?...Find Out More





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