A game for 11 key players plus The Organiser

This game can be played by up to 60 people

Now the family had its secrets, and there was no denying the tension that existed. Affairs, drugs, unplanned pregnancies, blackmail, and lying were only a few of the skeletons in the Hotkins closet. Many of the family members were estranged, and only saw each other on Christmas. They do their best to remain civilized for the few hours that they are together each year.

But when an unexpected snow storm leaves everyone stranded- tension begins to build to a boiling point. It may be days before they are able to dig themselves out…

Will the family be able to cope with such close quarters?

When the eldest family member turns up dead- from a blow to the head, everyone is suspect. Will they be able to sort through the lies and secrets to get to the heart of the story, or will chaos ensue as everyone tries to save themselves.

This is one Christmas that won’t soon be forgotten!


The Guest List

Katarina Hotkins
The bubbling socialite that was always more than willing to throw a party.

Carl Hotkins
Succesfull Stockbroker - he made enough during his 30’s to move his family to Aspen year round.

James Hotkins
A troubled youth trying to turn his life around. A freshman at UCLA- majoring in finance.

Lisa Hotkins
The oldest Hotkins child, and an overachiever from day one.

Janey Hotkins
Family blacksheep. Aged 16 she ran away to be a groupie for a rock band.

Barbara Rule
An old college roommate and best friend of Katrina Hotkins

Jimmy Rule
A successful real estate investor who is all about business

Rachel Rule
Neighborhood bad girl and former sweetheart of James Hotkins

Jackson Webb
A classmate and love interest of Lisa Hotkins. His parents were on a cruise for the Christmas break- so it was either this or cold pizza in the dorm room.

Lacy Mangum
A close friend of Elizabeth Hotkins. Both widowers they spent a great deal of their time playing cards or gossiping about the woman at the DAR

Janet Smith
Close friend of the family. She went to high school with Carl. She helped prepare the Christmas feast and brought the decorations


You can buy White Christmas Colorado and have the full game emailed directly to you. White Christmas Colorado costs £18.00

The game includes:

  • How To Play Guide
  • Character profiles
  • Costume suggestions
  • Solutions sheets
  • Invitations
  • Everything you need to run a successful Murder Mystery evening





The Hotkin’s Christmas party was legendary. There were always lots of food and music, and the most amazing apple tarts you have ever had in your life! Family and friends would gather in their large Aspen cabin for a night to sing carols and reconnect. With the children off at college, this year was particularly special.



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