Under The Hammer

There has always been a buzz surrounding the Fairfield County Annual Charity Ball and this year is no exception. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the organisers have really pushed the boat out. They have decided to run an auction as part of the evening’s entertainment to raise additional funds for the local hospital.


A game for 13-15 key players plus The Organiser

This game can be played by up to 60 people

Rumours have been circulating that a specially commissioned sculpture by award-winning local artist Connie Banks will be up for auction. With her growing reputation in the art world, the sculpture could be worth a fortune in the future.

As always, the Annual Charity Ball has brought together the great and the good of affluent Fairfield County. Local business people, politicians and well-heeled citizens secured their tickets to this coveted event well in advance.

The Ball is in full swing and Jack Jackson, the head of the Charity Ball Committee is very pleased with the way things are going. Everybody seems to be having a good time and the extravagant decorations have gone down a storm.

The auction will be starting in about half an hour. Jack can’t wait, he managed to persuade TV celebrity and antique specialist Victor Haimes to act as auctioneer. The moment Victor steps out on stage will be Jack’s moment of glory – he will have organised the best Charity Ball Fairfield County has ever seen.

Jack’s certainly right about one thing, it will be a night Fairfield County will never forget, but for all the wrong reasons…..

The Guest List

Here is a list of the lucky Fairfield County residents who secured tickets to the Charity Ball

Jack Jackson
Self-promoting President of the Charity Ball Committee and used car salesman
Charlie Greg
Local reporter on the Fairfield County Times – always has a nose for a good story
Karen Dempster
Social-climbing Vice-President of the Charity Ball Committee – charity doesn’t even come into it!
Dr Spencer Cartwright
Dashing local Doctor
Hilary Cartwright
Timid wife of Dr. Cartwright
Victor Haimes
Antique expert and minor television celebrity
Suzy Jackson
Bored wife of Jack Jackson
Les Shearer
Local Chamber of Commerce representative
Kacey Longridge
Successful local entrepreneur, specialising in lingerie for the larger woman
Jensen Thornbank
Landscape gardener who mows the lawns of the great and the good of Fairfield County
Amelie Van Harsink
Mysterious foreign art collector
Rose Franks
School friend of Jensen Thornbank
Roberto Solerno
Car salesman and Jack Jackson’s arch-rival
Connie Banks
Emerging local artist and creator of the much discussed sculpture
Agatha Hopkins
Wealthy but elderly socialite


You can buy Under The Hammer and download the full game directly to your desktop. Under The Hammer costs £20.00

The game includes:

  • How To Play Guide
  • Character profiles
  • Costume suggestions
  • Solutions sheets
  • Invitations
  • Everything you need to run a successful Murder Mystery evening






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