A game for 13-15 key players plus The Organiser

This game can be played by up to 60 people

Their party lifestyle is legendary. Barely a week goes by without some reports of wild parties, excessive drinking, illicit drugs and fast women. Screaming Blue Murder party hard but they work hard too. With three multi-platinum albums under their rhinestone-studded belts they're every record executive's dream. The cash is rolling in - for the record company and the band's management at least.

After six months of gruelling recording sessions and the odd ?musical difference? that has led to a couple of visits to the local hospital and several cautions from the police, the fourth album from Screaming Blue Murder is finally in the can.

The wrap party is in full swing at Richie Starstud's (the band's drummer) mansion but the fun is about to stop. There?s a body in the kitchen and one of the guests is responsible for it being there..?

The Guest List

Here is list of the lucky few invited to the Screaming Blue Murder wrap party.

Ricky Smith - Lead Singer, Screaming Blue Murder
As front man with Screaming Blue Murder, Ricky Smith is probably the most lusted-after man on the planet.
Lenny Rockett - Lead Guitarist, Screaming Blue Murder
Big hair, big beard and big tattoos Lenny Rockett is the most out-going member of the band.
Richie Starstud - Drummer, Screaming Blue Murder
He got rhythm. And his wild curly hair ensures he’s always seen from behind his drum kit.
PJ Ash - Bass Player, Screaming Blue Murder
A ladies man who loves a drink, women and song. He is rock ‘n’ roll personified.
Marti Sting - Photographer
A friend of Ricky Smith he has been photographing the band for years.
Candy Stripe - Professional Groupie
Stunning twenty-something with highly questionable morals.
Hal Stein - Manager, Screaming Blue Murder
In his early-fifties, Hal lookes after the band as if they are his own sons
Holly Stein - Hal Stein’s Wife
Sophisticated young wife of Screaming Blue Murder’s manager
Cathie Brockhurst - Hal Stein’s Lawyer
Cold and professional, Cathie always means business
Felicity Kerr - Cocktail Waitress
Single mother Felicity has to work all hours to make ends meet.
Joss Cole - Bartender
Star-struck bartender
Johnny Cantor - Head Of Security
Ex-army security chief. Takes no nonsense from anyone. No matter how famous they are.
Sol McKeagan - Waiter
One of life’s dreamers, Sol has just hit 30 and is still waiting tables.
Bernice Collins - Wannabe
Wide-eyed starlet, her good-looks are her only ‘talent’.
Barney Bell - Record Company Chief, Hot Labels
Record company Big Shot and a business man to the core. Hedonistic partying just isn’t his scene.
Carrie Stone - Record Company Scout, Hansel Records
Ambitious and determined Carrie is out to make her mark on the music industry


You can buy Screaming Blue Murder and download the game direct to your desktop. Screaming Blue Murder costs £20.00

The game includes:

  • How To Play Guide
  • Character profiles
  • Costume suggestions
  • Solutions sheets
  • Invitations
  • Everything you need to run a successful Murder Mystery evening




It is 1978. Screaming Blue Murder are the hottest band on the rock ?n' roll scene. Big hair, tight lycra, a face full of make-up, lyrics that would make your mother blush and a lock-up-your-daughters approach to dating has made the four band members heroes to just about every teenager on the planet.



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