Out With The Old

The Bromley’s New Year’s Eve parties were legendary. Every year they picked a different theme and went out all. This year it was “Viva Las Vegas” and their home was decorated to the hilt. In the garage stood a craps table, the living room was the black jack den, poker was played in the dining room, and an authentic roulette wheel stood in the family room. They even hired an Elvis impersonator for the night!

A game for 10 key players plus The Organiser

This game can be played by up to 50 people

There were dealers dressed in suits at every table, and the guests showed up in their flashiest outfits. They were playing for real money, and many of the guests came with just one thing on their mind. The Texas Hold ‘em game. It was a huge event and about 20 people had planned to partake in the game. At the end of the night, the winner would walk away with close to $5,000 dollars.

Unfortunately, there is much more at stake tonight than a few thousand bucks. The game went into recess around 11:45 so that everyone could participate in the countdown. There were 7 people left at the table, and one of them never returned. He was found face down in the Bromley pool shortly after the strike of twelve.

Who could have committed such a heinous murder? Was it one of his poker buddies seeking revenge or could it have been someone else?

The Guest List

Here are the names of the Bromley’s guests who were taking part in the poker game

Renee Rodriguez
Bubbly wife of Ramon Rodriguez – a real little firecracker!

Ramon Rodriguez
The hottest poker player in the neighbourhood

John Smith
Construction worker by day, Elvis impersonator by night

Leanne Bromley
The evening’s hostess and perfect suburban housewife

Larry Bromley
Tonight’s host and the brains behind the Vegas theme

Henry Luca
Neighbourhood Funny Guy

Jimmy Smitz
Poker dealer

Veronica Cage
Guest and highly competitive poker player

Kim Kull
Young, beautiful and tipsy poker player

Stephen West
Insurance company trainee and smart kid

Bill Blakenship
Nice-but-dim personal trainer



You can buy Out With The Old and download the full game directly to your desktop. Out With The Old costs £18.00

The game includes:

  • How To Play Guide
  • Character profiles
  • Costume suggestions
  • Solutions sheets
  • Invitations
  • Everything you need to run a successful Murder Mystery evening






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